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These days, people are better than ever at IGNORING CONTENT...

(BUT it's actually a Blessing in disguise)

People aren’t stupid.They know what an ad looks like. In fact, the average person sees 5,000+ of them per day. And that number is only going up. 

Regardless, most advertisers ignore this simple fact & burn their money to ashes.

They create ads that scream ‘buy my stuff!’ 

You see, over time, people have subconsciously mastered the ‘art of ignoring’. Psychologists call this phenomenon ‘inattentional blindness’. 

To prove this, in 1975, the famous ‘Invisible Gorilla Experiment’ was conducted. A group of spectators were asked to watch a video of people passing a basketball and count how many times the ball was passed. Halfway through the video, a man in a gorilla suit walks right through the middle of the group. He even does a little dance. 50% of the spectators completely missed the gorilla! 

That experiment proved a simple fact…

People have a natural, in-built tendency to ignore (when they’re heavily focused on something). 

It’s almost like mother nature knew that one day, our television screens, phones & computers & email inboxes would be full to the brim with promotional material. All competing for our attention. 

  But for some reason, most advertisers don’t get this. They create ads that behave like the ‘person in the gorilla suit’. Waving around screaming ‘hey look at me! I’m an ad, PLEASE click me, I’m begging you!’

But the people don’t care. And if they did, street beggars would be millionaires.

Now, can you imagine if people did give their attention to whatever was distracting them? If that was the case, then merely uttering the phrase ‘display ads’ would give any marketer an orgasm. But that isn’t the case. In fact, display ads have a terrible, vomit-inducing click through rate of 0.1%. That’s saying something!

Social media platforms have gone to unimaginable, law-bending lengths so that advertisers can run ads which blend in!

But there’s a problem. Because for the very few business owners that know all the above…the battle is only HALF-WON.

Because then comes the task of actually writing the ads, emails, advertorials & even blogs which engage readers.

Some try & do it themselves, but soon realise they’ve taken on a behemoth of a task. 

They’re faced with staring at a blank screen for hours on end, waiting for some kind of inspirational lightning bold to strike, but…NOTHING. Zilch.

Others assign the job to their staff, but quickly realise, they do not share their desire to sell, & worst of all, end up creating ads which scream ‘buy my stuff!

Many flock to freelancer marketplaces, but are faced with a barrage of copy-&-paste job proposals.

And the best copywriters on these platforms are extremely busy, some even demand 5 figure fees for a single project.

That’s Why We Created FLAT-RATE Copywriting Packages SPECIFICALLY Made For Digital-Marketing-Savvy Business Owners So They Can A/B Test WITHOUT Breaking Their Bank Account.




HI, I'm

ANDY BATUCHI (the founder)

and I realised something years ago. 

Having the best designed funnel in the world is pointless if the words suck. 

In fact, it’s no better than a polished turd. 

It’s like putting a loud exhaust and bodykit on a standard 1999 Honda Civic. It may look flashy, but it’s all show & no go. And that stuff might have worked in the 90s, but not anymore

You’ll notice how a lot of ads (& content in general) on the internet is ego-driven. 

They don’t take into account what the customer wants: a sense of connection. 

The customer wants that “yes – these guys get me” kind of feeling. And they certainly don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. 

So, I’m on a mission to rid the world of these ego-driven marketing campaigns with a better approach…


As a rough ball-park figure, blog & ebook content can be generated for around £80 to £150+ per 1,000 words. 

Email & Facebook ad copy projects start from around the £250 ($380) mark. For this, you can get around 3 variations to test with. 

Web development work is custom quoted, but to give you an idea, a 5-page WordPress site can start at around £5,000 ($7,000). 

There’s always someone out there that’s willing to do it cheaper, but we like to focus on quality & ensuring your brand remains relevant in the long-term. However, many service providers come to us after experiencing huge headaches with cheap content creation services.

Turnaround time for small projects (like single blog articles) usually take about 48 to 72 hours. 

Bear in mind however, prices can vary depending on the complexity of the topic we’re writing about (so something like data science consulting will cost more than DIY home maintenance due to the number of skilful writers available.


How do you go about doing research? 

We’ll scan your website, Facebook groups, Reddit forums, reviews & anything else we can find to improve the ad copy. You can even send us your creatives & we can map the copy around that.

What about revisions? 

Put it this way, if we’re having to revise the copy – something’s gone horribly wrong (super duper rare). Either there’s been some kind of miscommunication about the angle you’re after, in which case we’ll go back to the brief & fix it. If we haven’t got your brand tone of voice correct, we’ll fix it. However, we want to avoid making back & forth revisions based on ‘feelings’. Bear in mind, we’re not writing copy to impress you personally, we’re writing it for your audience. It’s all about them. 

Who do you write for?

-Niche Ecom Stores
-Info Product Sellers
-Software Companies
-High Value Professional Services 

Who you do NOT write for:

-Scams, ponzi & pyramid schemes
-Low quality products with (mostly) terrible reviews 
-Sex products & pornography
-Illegal products & services  

How is payment made?

For businesses in the UK, payment can be made via direct bank transfer. For businesses abroad, & those operating with different currencies, a payment request from PayPal or Stripe will be sent to your email address. When making the payment on PayPal or Stripe, it should automatically convert the amount into your currency. 

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