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Reach 10x More Customers With Social Media Video Marketing

How far would your business go if 10 times as many people knew you existed?

We are a London Based Video Marketing Company. If you already have content, or can create your own, we can run online video marketing campaigns for you no matter where you are in the world. For custom videos, where we use our own videographers, get in touch and we’ll see how we can make it work ūüôā¬†¬†

Why Video Marketing?

The SIMPLE Explanation…¬†

  • More people will see your business

  • Videos get shared more

  • They retain attention longer

  • Better for search engine rankings¬†

  • Builds emotional connections

The LONG & LOGICAL explanation….

Video can reach up to 10x as many people on social media platforms. 

Think about it..

Social Media sites want people staying on their sites for as long as possible. The more time visitors spend, the more ads they see….and the more money the social media sites make. The algorithms are designed to spread the content that people spend the longest time viewing. Because people naturally spend more time viewing videos than still images, video gets more attention.

How Does It Work?

STEP 1: Consultation

Video marketing is highly effective, but we need to find out IF and HOW it can work for your business. We won’t blindly recommend video marketing for EVERY business, just like a doctor wouldn’t recommend paracetamol for every patient.

We’ll get to know one another and figure out a strategy we can put into place.¬†

STEP 2: We Create The Content

We’ll either create fresh new content for you, or we’ll use the content you already own to create new videos (assuming it’s suitable for social media).

We can also the landing pages that your videos will be driving traffic (visitors) to.

STEP 3: You Handle The Leads

Our videos are designed to create engagement and drive leads to your business. Based on your budget, we’ll use our videos to create ads to generate new customers for your business.¬†

Here are some examples

Fast, Effective & Affordable

Generating Real Customers

High Quality Videos Using Ordinary Gear  

We don’t use ridiculous ¬£10k+ cameras. It’s not like your content will be viewed on a giant cinema screen.

Business owners still think they need to pay over 5 figures to hire a production team that will give them ONE video Рwhich by the way, will become old VERY QUICKLY. 

We keep our kit simple, and the savings are passed on to you, while the turnaround for videos is SUPER QUICK. We can get new videos up and running in a matter of days.

We use simple gimbals for image stabilisation, DSLRS, high tech smart phones, and the footage is then edited on Final Cut Pro.

The majority of viral content is filmed on PHONES.

When was the last time someone shared a TV advert on their facebook feed? 

Creating New Stories From Recycled Content 

There’s no need to let old content die. We’ll aim to get as many shots as possible, so content can be re-edited in multiple ways – making sure that your social media pages have fresh content in the pipeline for weeks to come.

If you spend all your marketing budget on ONE video – it will eventually be forgotten. Even the best film directors in the world can’t rely on one movie, so why should your business depend on one piece of content?¬†

Who Does This Service Work Well For?

Estate Agents 

Car Dealerships


Corporate Events

Activity & Leisure Centres


Online Retailers (Ecommerce) 

Get In Touch

And Let’s Get Things Moving.