Rescuing U.K-Based Service Professionals From The Time-Thief Monster

We'll help you build & Grow an Easy-to-Manage, zero-code website for your service-Based Business

Stop pulling your hair out & wasting time trying to get your website off the ground. What you need is something that makes you look good & doesn’t stress you or your staff out.

Drag & drop website builders might seem like they’re easy to use, but in reality, there’s a bit of a learning curve – something you don’t have time for. You need someone to build the framework & then clue you up on how to maintain the sections of your website that matter most. 

That’s where we come in.

Our Approach

We build zero-code websites for service-based businesses that want to remain lean & nimble.

You & your staff’s time needs to be protected. That’s why it’s vitally important that your website is simple enough to edit & tweak. 

That way, you keep development costs low & can put your time into growing your business & keeping your customers happy. 


We can build on WordPress or Wix

On WordPress, we can build with Elementor’s drag & drop editor – a popular tool used by over 4 million websites (according to Built With). WordPress sites require a little more maintenance but they’re ideal for businesses looking to  pump out more content. 

Alternatively, we can also build on Wix – a simple website building and hosting platform used by millions of businesses worldwide. 

Avoid The Dangers of Doing It Yourself

Stressing over the small things

It's easy to get caught up in the finer details. Even though drag & drop editors are made for ease of use, there's still design, layout, fonts & colour schemes to think about. We've encountered & dealt with almost every problem you can imagine, and we can use that experience to help you avoid problems.

Using the wrong blocks

Pre-built templates might look nice but they don't take into account how your business is going to grow later. Another problem people make is prioritising looks over function, which can massively increase development costs and make the site harder to grow. It's all about finding the right balance.

Picking the wrong platform

Time and time again, we've seen service professionals opt for a WordPress site when a Wix site would have made way more sense, and vice versa! Also, they often get caught in the crossfire of marketing advice that's intended for those selling physical or digital products (not services), resulting in huge avoidable headaches. We understand both platforms & we can help you pick the right one.

Keep it Simple & Scalable

Easy to manage

It's all about keeping your time-costs to a minimum. We'll help you decide between WordPress or Wix based on our experience building sites on both platforms.

Zero Code

You'll have a website that's easy to modify using either Elementor's drag & drop software, or Wix's built in editor.

Scalable templates

We don't just build a site to look pretty – it's got to be functional too. To keep your development costs down, we can build the site using the right blocks & templates to help you build new pages faster.

Here all the way

We want to make sure you're comfortable managing & editing your website, so if you get stuck on anything, we're on hand to help via WhatsApp or email.

Meet Andy

Hi, I’m Andy Batuchi (Founder & Managing Director).

What I’ve noticed is that service professionals often get caught up in marketing advice that’s meant for E-commerce businesses, & vice-versa (two massively different business models). 

At Digify Life, we specifically build websites for service professionals who need to protect their time & focus on growing their business. It’s all about keeping things simple and scalable. 

I know how much time seemingly small things can waste when it comes to building and maintaining a website. And I’m on a mission to stamp out those time-wasting gremlins. 

Recent Case Studies

Primrose First Aid Training

A Wix site for a First Aid Training Business run by Kingsley in London. See how we saved Kingsley a lot of headache and helped him focus on his business.

Educate Excellence

A WordPress site for a home-based tutoring centre in South London supporting over 120 students. See how we transformed this website in time for a flyer campaign.

Spark Decorating

A Wix site for a local painting & decorating company based in South London. See how we modernised this site while keeping the essence of the old site alive.

Here's How We Can Do It For You...

Working with us is as simple as going to your local trusted barber shop. We can help you with anything from small tweaks to full makeovers, and even if you’re starting from scratch. 

Our pricing structure is simple, affordable & quotes are offered quickly so you don’t need to wait around. 

To learn more about pricing and how the process works, please click here.


Frequently asked questions

A website project depends on many requirements but we like to keep costs as predictable as possible. From scratch, most websites are about 5 to 10 pages. Pages are individually quoted and cost anywhere from £150 (for simple pages) to £500+ for really long, complex & in-depth pages. All in, a full site can cost around £1,500 to £3,500. Alternatively, you can choose to ‘build-as-you-go’ which means we don’t need to build everything in one go, but can build different pages over time. That way, you can keep an eye on cash flow and only get what you need, instead of building unecessary pages that might be too much to maintain in the short term. 

For a more accurate quote, it’s best to get in touch and have a brief chat so we can provide you with an estimate. 

To keep things simple, we let the clients do the hosting. If you’re running on Wix, then hosting is pretty straight forward because it’s all sorted out for you. If you’re running on WordPress, there are various hosting providers and we can make recommendations & offer tutorials to get you started. Dreamhost and Siteground are a couple of our favourites and they allow you to add users & agencies to your online portal to help manage your website. That means you get full control and get to decide what goes on with & who’s in charge of your site. 

It depends on how complex your project is but typically, we can move pretty quickly. If you’re building a site from scratch, the framework of the site & the customer journey can take around 2-3 days to deliver. Once you’re happy with it, things move pretty quickly from there and it can take around 1/2 day to a day to get most pages built. That means, from scratch, a full site can be built in around 1 week and a half to 2 weeks as long as we get feedback quickly which allows us to move on to the next stage. 

Yes of course, but bear in mind that if your site is on Wix, there isn’t an option (as of this writing) whereby you can edit in tablet view. Although, most times, Wix sites adjust fine on tablets automatically. As for Elementor, we can optimise your site for both desktop, mobile and tablet. 

We’re not an SEO agency but we do use SEO best-practices and can optimise your content & header tags so it’s suitable for Google. Ranking for certain terms for Google requires more than just having a website up – there needs to be a good strategy in place. If you do have a strategy, we can work with you to help you build your site according to your needs & goals.

As a minimum, if you’re building on WordPress, we require you to have the Elementor Pro plugin which costs $49 (about £35) for a year. Some agencies offer it for free as part of their deal, but that’s usually if you stick with some kind of expensive monthly contract of theirs. By purchasing the app yourself, it gives you more control & flexibility with who you work with. There are also hosting costs and these vary depending on who you choose but in the grand scheme of things, these are inexpensive – starting at around £5 a month and usually costing around £20 a month and we can help you decide. 

For sure! We’re always here if you need. We want your website to be easy to customise once it’s built, so for small things like changing a single word or image, it’s relatively simple & cost effective to get you or your staff to do it rather than an external agency or professional. However, because we keep an eye on changing SEO trends & new softwares, we can help you with regular site checkups, audits and building new pages as you go. 

It’s all yours! Your website, your rules – we don’t claim any ownership of anything on your website. Even if we write a blog post, or organise a photoshoot day to take pictures for your website, all the content produced will belong to you & you’re free to do whatever you want with it. If we work with freelancers, we make sure that any rights to any work they produce get passed to us, which then get passed to you. The only thing to watch out for is if you’re using any content from third party sources, like stock photography sites – in cases like those, you’ll need to abide by their terms & conditions.

Let's Talk

You can book a quick meeting with Andy to talk about your project, get an estimation and see if we can make a good team.

How to know if we’re a good fit… 

  • You run a service business and need a website that you’re proud of
  • Your site needs to be easy-to-manage and simple enough for your staff to make simple tweaks and edits with minimal training
  • You want a site built on either WordPress (using Elementor’s drag & drop editor) or Wix. 
  • You’ve already got a domain name and branding colour schemes sorted.
  • You don’t want to be waiting for months on end for your website to be complete
  • You want full control & flexibility over who manages & maintains your website (with zero long term contracts)

If that sounds good, then let’s set up a time to talk using Calendly. 

Alternatively, you can email any directly on or send a message via our contact form on the home page if you prefer to be contacted at a later date.